General rental conditions for motorhomes

General rental conditions for motorhomes

The payment of the reservation supposes the acceptation of all the following conditions:

Only established general conditions from company CAMPERVALLES Will be valid, and it won’t be admitted the ones that differs from the same:



The reservation of the vehicle supposes the payment of the 30% of the total amount from the rental in terms of pre-booking.

In case that the costumer request for the cancelation of the Booking, the following penalties will be applied over the reservation payment:

– Cancelation before 30 days from beginning of rental date:  penalty of 50%.

– Cancelation in between 30 and 16 days from beginning of rental date:  penalty of the 80%.

– Cancellation with less than 16 days to the beginning of rental date:  penalty of 100%.



The full amount of contracted rental must be paid before the pickup of the vehicle. We will deduct a DEPOSIT of 800€ from your credit card (the same used during reservation) through TPS (terminal point of sale) to assure the good use and correct return of the vehicle.



The return of the deposit Will be effective in between the following workable 48h, after the return of the vehicle. All damages or missing objects during return of vehicle, or if the vehicle hasn´t been returned in good cleaning conditions, Will empower CAMPERVALLES to deduct from deposit the amount of them.

In case that the damage assessment cannot be done immediately, CAMPERVALLES Will have 30 days for, in this case the return of the leftover of money, having deduct from the same the cost of the reparation of the damages caused.

In case that the damages have been done due to the misuse of the vehicle, due to vandalism, or by being under effects of alcohol, drugs or narcotics, the amount of the charge in credit card can be higher than deposit.




The total amount of fines, penalties or any judicial or extrajudicial expenses caused by any traffic infraction (whether its administrative, penitentiary or from any other type) that are focused towards the vehicle, towards costumer or towards CAMPERVALLERS, Will be completely assumed by the costumer.

CAMPERVALLES Will identify the driver, so the fine Will be sent to the given address and the costumer   Will be able to pay it. In case the address given it´s not correct or the fine is retuned back  due to any other case, CAMPERVALLES Will be able to charge the total amount of the fine (or from any other penalty commented) from the given credit card number during the rental period.



To drive the motorhome Will be 23 years all for all drivers, in addition Will be necessary to be in possession of international driving license (in case you are not a European resident) with a minimum issue date of 2 years.

If during pick up day, costumer is not holding the indicated driving license, or summited documentation is false or inaccurate, it Will be considered that the costumer did not come to pick the vehicle, accordingly to this we Will apply to the costumer the cancelation conditions (already commented in point 1). without any refund right or compensation.



The lessee Will not ask for any compensation, due to major success or a fortuitous reason (a breakdown or non-reparable crash for the scheduled delivery date), the motorhome cannot be handed over on the agreed date.

The Lessor has the right of replace the vehicle by another in case of not having available the ones booked. The lessor cannot not secure that the vehicle Will be esthetically perfect during the pickup day, all damages (in case there are) Will be reflexed and specified in the rental contract during the pickup process.

In case that rental cannot be done on the agreed dated, the lessee can modify the rental dates (if they are available) not being able to ask for any compensation.

In case that the lessee, starts later or earlier the rental, Will not be able to ask for any compensation.



If client want to extend the rental, It must contact CAMPERVALLES with a minimum margin of 3 days before the end of rental date. The confirmation of the extension Will be liable to availability of CAMPERVALLES vehicles. All delays during return of vehicle, not caused by a force majeure, Will have a penalty of the triple daily rate as per the contract amount.

The non-compliance of this conditions Will empower CAMPERVALLES to take care of the vehicle or judicially require it, CAMPERVALLES company has the right to ask/have the return of the vehicle during any time of the rental contract, if the use of it  or disobey in Compliance with the rules of the general conditions.



The pickup and returns Will be done at CAMPERVALLES parking or in any time and place previously agreed with CAMPERVALLES.

The costumer is bounded to follow the control instructions of the vehicle given by CAMPERVALLES technical employees.

During return of the vehicle the costumer is bounded to make a final checking of the vehicle with CAMPERVALLES technical employees, and to sign the return of the vehicle in the contract.

All damages that has not been previously identified and explained in the contract, detected during the return of the vehicle, Will be in charge of the costumer and Will be deduct from the deposit, as explained at point 4.

In case that CAMPERVALLES detects any other damages in the following 48h (after return day), during cleaning and tuning process, CAMPERVALLES Will inform costumer to manage the payoff of this damages.

The vehicle can be picked up from 10AM to 19PM and delivered in between 16 PM and 20 PM, if costumer wants to extend the trip, it must contact CAMPERVALLES to check availability and to assume the extra cost of extension.

The non-presence of lessee in the agreed day, time and place, to start the rental, Will be considered as a Booking and contract cancelation, being penalized with the 100% of the cost of the rental contract, this non-presence Will also empower CAMPERVALLES to have the disposal of booked vehicle and lessee Will lose all rights to have any compensation.



The vehicle must be returned clean (inside and outside) otherwise an extra supplement in between 40€ and 100€ + TAX, following the stablished cleaning rates will be applied.

The vehicle will be returned with the fuel tank filled same as pick up day, otherwise CAMPERVALLES Will charge the cost of filling it completely with fuel to the costumer.

All fuel and maintenance cost during trip Will be assumed by the costumer (flat tires, windshield cleaning liquid…) if are necessary.

The vehicle must be returned with toilet and wastewater tanks completely empty, otherwise the costumer Will accept the payment of fixed amount of 120€.



Costumer accept that gets vehicle in perfect mechanic status, provided of the necessary documentation and with all necessary tools, tire and accessories, and takes de responsibility to keep it in good conditions, and to respect all traffic laws.

In case that rental cannot start in the agree day, the lessor responsibility Will only be to refund the cost of the days that couldn´t be carry through.

In case of any damage of motorhome elements, the lessee Will contact immediately with CAMPERVALLES, to communicate them, if possible, with pictures and/or a video record, in order to get further instructions to be repaired.

For maintenance or breakdown repairment, the lessor Will ask CAMPERVALLES the approval of the Budget before doing any operation. The cost of it Will be refunded to costumer during the return of the vehicle, previously presenting the invoice (it must be issued to CAMPERVALLES, please check all information on the top of this contract to do so).

Costumer is committed to don’t allow any other person (not included in the contract) to drive the vehicle.

No more passengers that the ones specified in vehicle documentation can be transported as well as transport any kind of animal inside the motorhome without CAMPERVALLES authorization.

Costumer cannot sublease or transport people with Comercial purposes and/or with any other purpose not mentioned in this contract.

It is not allowed to transport any forbidden goods, such as drugs, toxics, explosive or flammable goods…

It is completely forbidden to drive the vehicle under drugs effect, exhausted or under medication.

It’s forbidden to pass thought any non-official road or drive over a not solid ground, as well as take part in sports events or races, or any other activity that could damage the vehicle’s

It´s completely forbidden to travel to any country outside of the UE or with a war conflict (please contact CAMPERVALLES during reservation process).

Costumer is in charge of parking vehicle properly, to watch it over and to protect it from hailstorms, freeze or any other atmospheric phenomenon.

Costumer must respect all towns regulations, if it´s camping out at non-authorized areas, costumer Will take all responsibility and any penalty Will fall on the costumer.

It´s forbidden to modify any technical feature from the vehicle (keys, lock, equipment…) as well modify inner or exterior appearance unless it has an authorization from CAMPERVALLES. In case of infringement lessee Will take care of the expenses.

The loss of the keys Will involve the fix cost of 200€ and the loss of vehicle documentation a cost of 500€.

Smoke or burn candles is not allowed inside the vehicle. Breaking the rule of smoking Will imply the loss of the full deposit.

Using a camping gas inside the vehicle is not allowed, the use of this Will be only done outside of the vehicle. If some damages are caused by the use of this inside of the vehicle, the costumer Will assume the full cost of damages.


  1. Behavior in case of EMERGENCY:

In case of accident, burglary, fire or any damage caused by a wild animal. The client must inform immediately the police and CAMPERVALLES, with email or phone call.

If lessee is faced to an accident, CAMPERVALLES need to be informed immediately, it can never be informed after a time longer of 24h.

Client must never recognize or prejudge the responsibility of the facts, unless the “Official European Accident Statements”. The Lessee Will get all information from the opposite side and the witness together with all details and Will send it to the lessor.

In case of accident with an involved opposite part it must be notified to the authorities immediately. Costumer must not leave the vehicle without taking care of the vehicle.

In case of burglary or stolen goods, client must report immediately to authorities, and must send a copy from the complaint to CAMPERVALLES within the following 48h. If vehicle has been stolen it must also send the complaint together with the keys, in case is not done the insurance and coverage of the policy won’t be effective. In case of noncompliance by the costumer of this measures, the lessor Will be able to claim to the Lessee for a compensation due to a negligence,



Company CAMPERVALLES Will give you the vehicle in perfect conditions, having done all verifications and maintenance services for its proper functioning.

If due to force majeure or any other cause unaware to CAMPERVALLES, the vehicle cannot be delivered in the agreed date, this cause wont gave any right for any compensation to the costumer, except of the return of the same amount payed for the rent.


  1. OTHERS:

The vehicle object of this contact has an insurance according to economic law  of European community, with an excess of 800€ to cover exclusively accidents in exterior side of vehicle, not considering the misuse of it.

It there is any accident during this rental contract, the Lessee Will pay for it, and from now on authorizes CAMPERVALLES to be compensated in this case with the deposit.

The civil liabilities originated from events or circumstances that are not contemplated as included in the policyholder will be responsibility of the Lessee. The costumer accepts the Terms and Conditions of the vehicle insurance policy.

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